Back Camera NATURAL GAS METERING AND REGULATING STATION: Complete electrical and instrumentation installations for natural gas M&R stations, blending yards, gate stations, and pig launcher and receiver sites. Projects include the design and installation of grounding, ac mitigation, cathodic protection, gas chromatographs, EFM/RTU cabinets, Instrument Tubing, Instrumentation and all associated conduit and weather protection systems.
Back Camera POWER PLANT OUTAGE PROJECTS: We provide the skilled technicians and management team it takes to install new equipment and modifications to existing systems. These projects are well planned and organized to meet the deadline for start-up. They include such as installation, terminate and testing fiber optic cables, ground testing, instrumentation, controls. Our projects range from the south of Florida to North Carolina and across to Texas. Outages can only be successful when the outage work is planned effectively before the work is scheduled and/or started.
1_pgc PHOSPATE MINING PIT GUN CAR: Electrical design, construction and testing of three phosphate mining pit gun cars. Project included custom built stainless steel 4160V switchgear, MCC enclosure and medium voltage termination. Operator control panel for remote motor starters, joystick controls for hydraulic spray guns and remote operation capabilities for 4160V load-break switch. This project is a showcase of the complete specialty design and installation services we offer.
Weedon Island FUEL OIL PUMPING STATION: This project is a showcase of a complete electrical power and controls system, including grounding, lighting, control panels, plant communications and lightning protection. This system will allow for the loading and unloading of fuel oil from tanker trucks for its use in combustion turbines. Precision Electric was responsible for the integration of multiple control systems, assisted in start-up/commissioning and loop checking all field devices.
MANUFACTURING AND FOOD PROCESS: We provide complete turnkey projects that include modifications to existing equipment or the installation of new equipment. These projects range from fruit processing, paper products, food processing, chemical plants, concrete block and batching systems.
TURNKEY MOTOR CONTROL SYSTEM: This complete turn-key system contains (3) motors, one has forward and reverse controls, a control valve and a differential pressure transmitter all of which can be controlled and monitored remotely through the customer’s control system. Our design and engineering team created a complete drawing package for the control system. From there, our panel shop fabricated the control panel and our field technicians performed the installation of the entire control system, including stainless steel tubing for the control valve and differential pressure transmitter.