No job is so important and no order is so urgent that we cannot take the time necessary to perform our work safely.  Precision Electric places our Safety and Health, Drug and Alcohol programs and the environmental impact of our business at the core of our values.  We believe that every hazardous incident is avertible and by having safety as a base for success, excellence and accountability will follow.

Our Goal: Zero Injuries

Our Safety and Health program begins before we hire each employee with an interview process that gauges potential candidates’ attitudes towards safety.  Once hired, it is mandatory that new employees attend our eight hour in-house safety training and orientation program lead by our Safety Director.  Forklift certification, aerial lift certification, and arc flash PPE fitting/training up to Category 4 are just a few of the areas covered.  In addition to this in-house training, each employee also attends a two day MSHA/OSHA safety course at Polk State Corporate College’s Contractor Safety Training Institute followed by annual refresher courses.



We are very proud of our safety record and are continuously planning ways to improve.  Our safety-oriented incentive program dubbed (S.H.I.P.) Safety and Health Incentive Program, was developed and incorporated into our overall safety and health program.  This initiative is designed to accelerate our employees’ mind set towards safety and health at all times.  The program allows an employee to accumulate points for acts which promote a safe workplace.  The points accumulated are rewarded by a cash bonus.  Voluntarily recognizing a safety hazard and taking action to correct it, good housekeeping and having no vehicle or equipment incidents are a few examples of the items that can add to or subtract from an employee’s points total.

Keys to Our Success:

• Management Commitment and Involvement: Management is committed to providing our employees and customers with a safe and healthful workplace.  We give top priority to and provide the financial resources for the correction of unsafe conditions.  Management is actively involved with our employees in establishing and maintaining an effective safety program.

• Safety Committee: We have established a safety committee to recommend improvements to our workplace safety program and to identify corrective measures needed to eliminate or control recognized safety and health hazards.  This committee consists of our Safety Director, a member of our management team, and three non-management employees.

• Safety and Health Training: Our commitment to safety and health doesn’t stop after the day of initial employment.  Job-specific training, periodic retraining on policies and procedures, and annual Red Cross CPR and basic first-aid training are just a few of the ways in which we have established our ongoing safety training program.  Our comprehensive written safety program is required to be submitted to and approved by ISNetworldas well as many of our customers prior to commencing work.

• First Aid Procedures: All of our vehicles carry first aid kits and each employee receives training and instructions on first aid procedures.  This training includes how and when to determine the need for emergency medical treatment.

• Accident Investigation: Accident investigations are performed by a supervisor at the location where the accident occurred.  Our Safety Director ensures that reports are accurately completed and that recommendations are being addressed.  Supervisors investigate accidents, injuries, near misses, and occupational diseases using a defined set of procedures.

All with one goal in mind … At the end of day, everyone goes home safe!