What is Heat Tracing?

Heat trace is the application of a controllable heat source to a pipe, vessel, tank or equipment to maintain a specified temperature using a line of heat transfer fluid or an electrically heated cable.  Whenever the contents of a pipe or equipment are maintained at a process temperature which exceeds the ambient temperature, there will be heat loss regardless of the thermal insulation provided.  The rate of heat loss will vary in conjunction with the changes in ambient temperature or the process flow of the equipment, however with a heat tracing system, this temperature variance can be eliminated or controlled.Heat Trace Tubing

Electric Heat Trace Options & Characteristics

There are several electric heat tracing methods – each one with distinctive characteristics relating to length requirements, configuration, product temperature requirements or type of application.  Most applications require a custom system in order to achieve optimal performance.  Selecting the heat trace method with a heat output that most closely matches the heat loss is the key to efficient heat tracing.By utilizing the correct type of heating cable, thermal insulation, temperature control and process, a heat trace system can maintain your equipment and facility operating as efficiently as possible.

Self-regulating Heat Trace cables are designed to provide freeze protection or process temperature maintenance to piping. These cables can be used on metal or plastic piping, tanks and equipment.

Power-Limiting Heat Trace Cables are designed for process temperature maintenance or freeze protection. Power-limiting cables are specifically used for process temperature maintenance for high temperatures or freeze protection where there is a high temperature exposure factor.

Constant Watt Heat Trace Cables are designed to provide freeze protection or process temperature maintenance. The parallel resistance configuration allows the cable to be cut to length and terminated in the field with easy to use Thermon supplied kits.

Heat Trace

Steam Tracing provides solutions that range from freeze protection to maintaining temperatures close to that of steam itself.

Heat Transfer compounds create an efficient thermal bond between a steam or electric heater and process pipes or equipment.


Pre-Insulated Tubing Bundles are a cost effective way to provide tubing that requires heat trace and insulation. Pre-Insulated bundles provide reliable process temperature maintenance in a variety of analytical and process instrumentation applications.