What exactly constitutes medium voltage?  Most people refer to 480 volts as high voltage when in reality it is considered low voltage. The exact range for medium voltage differs among the electrical industry but according to both ANSI andPitcar #1 013 IEcold-shrinkEE, medium voltage refers to anything from 1000 volts to 35,000 volts (1 – 35 KV).

When working with medium voltage there are specific guidelines to be followed and specialized cables, splicing and termination kits to be used.  The National Electrical Code (NEC) calls for the use of shielded cable in permanent installations operating above 2,000V, however they also provide an exception to use non-shielded insulated conductors that have been tested by a qualified testing laboratory (i.e., UL) for applications up to 2,400V.

Medium voltage projects require technicians with more in-depth training and skills.  Precision Electric’s technicians are well-trained and experienced in all aspects of medium voltage services.  In addition to termination and splicing of medium voltage cables, we can build and install medium voltage OEM equipment or custom build equipment to suit your needs.

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