In today’s fast paced world, companies try to keep their facilities operating as efficiently as possible and their downtimes to a minimum.  One way to help ensure this is by having a predictive maintenance program in place.  Thermal imaging is a useful tool in this type of program.  Infrared thermal-image cameras allow our technicians the power to see and inspect electrical and mechanical systems much more closely and effectively.  We are able to detect lurking operational failures and make the necessary corrections during a scheduled outage and eliminate unplanned downtime.

Thermal imagers are rugged compact handheld devices that produce live images of the heat emitted by components.  In addition to the infrared images, these cameras also have the ability to produce visible light images of the equipment.  By doing so, this provides a comparable image for technicians to reference and better identify any problem areas. Thermographic inspections are non-invasive and are conducted while the equipment is in normal operation mode without any disruption to the facilities.  Although thermal imagers may be simple to operate, the scans should be done by qualified electricians with specialized training who understand the equipment measurements and the required safety standards to be followed.

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Practically all electrical and mechanical equipment will display a temperature variance prior to failure.  Incorporating regular infrared scans into your facilities preventive maintenance program is one of the most cost effective ways to monitor equipment performance over time and quickly identify unusual readings which warrant further inspection and possible repairs.  Studies have shown electrical thermographic inspections to have a 4:1 return on investment for clients given the costs associated with electrical failures.

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